ORA SERRATA – MoE/Museum of Emptiness, St Gallen. Emptiness is defined by a shell that surrounds it, but of whose form and nature it is independent. The upcoming exhibition takes on this museum idea. The artist Haviva Jacobson feels her way through the flowing glass of the window front in drawings and forms a multi-layered protective fabric on it. Structures reminiscent of sensory cells intertwine to form an ora serrata, that transition zone from the seeing to the non-seeing part of our retina. And like the retina that stretches around the vitreous body of an eye, Jacobson collects the incident light at the window glass.

Exhibition text – Gilgi Guggenheim. With the support of the Innerrhoder Kunststiftung.
2019 ORA SERRATA, Museum of Emptiness, St Gallen