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Dear reader

Under the title „View“ the Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte is starting a new exhibitions series. From time to time they will be showing a contemporary artist from the region. An artist whose artwork has a correlation to the art collection of Heinrich Gebert Foundation. I’m very happy, that my solo show "Umschwung" was chosen to open the exhibition series “View”.

From January 31st to April 26th 2015 my first museum exhibit will be showing. On the second floor of the Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte there will be an exhibition series from 2010 till now - a kind of overview of my artwork in these past few years.

On the top floor, under the glass roof, visitors will encounter a huge wall painting. This expansive artwork was made especially for that specific bright space. 64 wooden boards in different sizes are formed together to compose a huge wall painting which dominates the room.

Each one of the 64 wooden boards was painted in an intensive work process. Each and every one is a monograph and at the same time a part of the whole painting. Both thin and thick layers cover the background. Some are painted in bright and shimmery colors, while others in a matt covering.

Repeated elements and images of plant create an expanding garden view. These images are inspired from a common plant in Israel, called in colloquial language “The Wandering Jew”. With this piece of art like an Israeli garden, I “plant” in a manner of speaking a part of my identity here in Appenzell.

Nevertheless the relevance of this work doesn’t end with a garden view. The curator of the exhibition, Dr. Roland Scotti describes it well in his introduction: “Haviva Jacobson confronts her immediate surroundings. She is inspired by her visible world and translates those subjective moments to an autonomic painting. She creates colored pieces of art in a complex and sophisticated manner, in which realty, memories and imagination are fused together. one can discover landscapes, plants, waterfalls and maybe constellations of stars or human figures. Haviva Jacobson creates all this in a sensible and subtle way into colorful and energetic artworks, which above all remain paintings”

The catalog of this Exhibition will come out in time for the opening. Various events and activities will be taking place through the exhibit “Umschwung“. For all details click here.

Opening: Saturday, January 31st 17 – 20 pm.

All of you are warmly invited. I’ll be very happy to meet new faces and greet old friends at the opening or during the exhibit. I’m looking forward to having many exciting encounters and interesting discussions during this time.

From February 19th to February 28th 2015 I will exhibiting my work In the Erdkunst Gallery in Romanshorn. A delightful assortment of my recent paintings will be shown in the intimate space of the gallery. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and introducing my artwork to the general public in this region.

Opening: Thursday, February 19th 17 – 19 pm.

Closing event: Saturday, February 28th 14 – 18 pm.

I hope to see you soon in one or more of these occasions

Warm regards,

Haviva Jacobson

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