IN GIRO 2018

IN GIRO – Casa Atelier Bedigliora. Haviva Jacobson brings a block of square sheets, which she painted with varnish a long time ago … An otherwise secondary, additional form of expression for her suddenly becomes the main thing. She concentrates entirely on the movement of drawing. The small-format drawings are inspired by motifs she finds in Bedigliora: Interior or exterior shapes of chestnuts, trees, mountains, the structure of the wooden floor in the studio. But it can also be something abstract, shapes that are formed from the process of drawing, like the image of the invitation card. The artist works directly on the wall, at eye level. She hangs the finished sheets further up or down. It also happens that she turns a sheet ninety degrees, giving the drawing a different rhythm. This creates a poetic-artistic shifting game. … She wants to paint with black marker on transparent film, but accidentally buys a white marker. Now that she has it, she uses it on a trial basis, and she likes the white on the film even better: it is more unexpected, more interesting than the black line. The white splinters into different colors: Depending on the incidence of light and the direction of the stroke, it looks bluish, greenish, yellowish … In this way, something new emerges from a mistake, a form so unplanned can give the picture an unexpected twist. The dense eddies are reminiscent of whirlpools or thickets, the lighter images with the recessed shapes of maps, perhaps atlases for external and internal journeys – the artist calls her exhibition “in giro”, and she is on the road every day, with body and mind as well as with the drawing pencil. Like a diary, she draws shapes on a large paper roll, which can now be unrolled like a giant speech bubble and tells of Haviva Jacobson’s stay in Bedigliora, of the bright and the dark days, the playful and the thoughtful: spirited, concentrated, imaginative and moving.

From the text of Ruth Gantert, Bedigliora, 15.12.2018